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Mar Albiol Pellicer
"Un espacio donde sentirme acompañada en el mundo empresarial y que me permita seguir aportando a la sociedad desde un punto de vista de igualdad e inclusión."
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Dirección: Calle Pintor Gisbert, 4, bajo derecha, 46006, Valencia, Valencia,
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We’re a digital design studio specializing in websites, apps, interfaces, and systems.
We’re a small team of versatile creatives with diverse backgrounds and experiences that bring a fresh perspective to every project we work on. Being small means being flexible and personal—giving us focus on long-standing relations with our clients to work on big ideas. 
Our studio is based in Valencia, and we work with teams internationally. 
An eye for detail, a strong understanding of technology, and a mind for strategic execution.
Gusta started in 2018 and was founded by Mar Albiol and Kevin van der Wijst. Since the start, we’ve dedicated ourselves to making sure our studio is a comfortable place to sustainably do great work. An inclusive workplace with a healthy and respectful work culture, where you can feel empowered, learn and exchange ideas with each other. It’s way more fun like that. We believe that having fun is the best way to create—and it shows in our way of working and the digital experiences we design.